Early booking of the accommodation is strongly recommended since Namur is a highly prized summer destination.

Namur has a wide offer of hotels, B&Bs and other lodging arrangements, that can be easily searched and booked on-line.

Several hotels in Namur propose special prices for the week of CPSII. If you wish to benefit from it, please contact the hotel of your choice BY EMAIL with the explicit mention “CPSII-UNAMUR23” (except for B&B HOTEL Namur, see below). The prices are valid from Sunday 2/7 (evening) to Saturday 8/7 (morning) only.

email :

Single + breakfast: 95 €
Double (double bed) + breakfast: 111 €

email :

Single + breakfast: 150 €
Double (twin beds) + breakfast: 170 €
Double (double bed) + breakfast: 170 €

email :

Single + breakfast + wellness: 130 €
Double (double bed) + breakfast + wellness: 168 €

booking : with CPS2 code at step 4.

Single + breakfast: 99 €


Several university-owned student lodging rooms are available from 2/7 to 8/7. The rooms are individual, with kitchen and bathroom shared. The package for the 6 nights (breakfast included at the university restaurant) amounts to 325€. The booking of the student dormitory has to be made in the registration form.