IAU Travel Grants

IAU travel grant application is closed

The IAU wishes to support qualified scientists to whom only limited means of support are available, e.g., colleagues from economically less privileged countries and young scientists. An IAU grant should be the seed money in ensuring the participation of a selected beneficiary, rather than adding comfort for colleagues whose attendance is already assured (Section 3.9 of the Rules and Guidelines for IAU Scientific Meetings).

The IAU travel grants are intended to cover in part expenses associated with the participant’s attendance. The submission of an abstract for CPS2 is mandatory. Regarding the amount of IAU support (in EUR) requested, three options are possible:

  • Option 1: 270€ for registration fees
  • Option 2: 370€ for registration fees + lunch/dinner
  • Option 3: 695€ for registration fees + lunch/dinner + student dormitory

If possible, an additional amount will also be allocated to non-European participants to partially cover their travel fees.


Participants of CPSII may apply for an IAU travel grant using the IAU Grant Application Form available here. This form duly completed and signed has to be sent to cps2@unamur.be. The deadline for the application is 15th January 2023. Full completion of the Application Form is mandatory, including submission of an Abstract.

To apply, please proceed as follows:

  1. Complete the registration form to CPSII online with submitting an abstract and selecting the IAU travel grant option (you do not need to pay the registration fees and extras at this moment!);
  2. Complete the IAU Grant Application Form available here and sent it duly completed and signed to cps2@unamur.be.

The notification for grant acceptance will be sent no later than 15th February 2023. In case an applicant is not selected as a grantee of the IAU grant, the applicant will be asked to pay the early-bird registration fee and/or extras after the notification.